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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Review of the year 2015

We had a quiet start to the year ....... with a theatre trip in January to see the Forbidden Planet
It was brilliant fun and we sang along wiv all the songs!  You can read the story here Theatre

In February, we didn't do much either, although we did do some bookcrossing around town!!
You can read about that here bookcrossing

In March we had a walk along the seafront because the weather was nice but we had half the beach pebbles on the promenade!!!
You can read that story here seafront

We also had a trip to London and Colchester to see some art expeditions AND to see Bob and Dilly!
That was heaps of fun - you can read about it here Day One
and here Day Two
and here Day Three
and here Day Four
And what we bought! shopping!

Then later we met up with Sir Woodstock
Read here Pizza & Bear

In April we got some more sea fog - it's weird seeing the sea (or not!) in the fog!
You can read about it here Fog

We had pizza again but with doggy
Read here doggy pizza

And later, we played on Pier arcade after a ride on a spaceship!
You can read about it here Arcade

In May we went to see an art expedition in London and did part of the Shaun the Sheep trail!
You can read about that day out here Goya

Then we had a weekend in London for Andrea's birthday.  We went shopping in Harrods!!!
You can read about that here Day one
And here Day two
And here day three

In June we had dinner out and had a weird pizza
.....which we won't be eating again!  You can read about that here pizza

In July we had a long walk along the seafront....
and saw a creepy skeleton! Read about that here long walk

We also play the arcade games on the Pier and won loads of stuff!
That was great fun!  See that here party on the pier

 We also went to see the Summer Expedition in London
Which was lots of fun!  You can read about that here summer expedition

In August we went to see the Joseph Cornell expedition....
Which involved a really scary ellyvator ride!  See that here Joseph Cornell expedition

We also went to Chichester to see another expedition.....
 Which was brilliant!!!  There was only six of us there because it wasn't in London so we had loads of time to see things properly!  You can read about that here Sickert in Dieppe

We had another walk along the seafront too which was nice.
You can read about that here seafront

In September we went to London to the British Museum... see another expedition which was really interesting!  See here Silverpoint expedition

We visited the Pier again and played the arcade games again and later had a big burger!!
That was fun!  You can read about that hereAnother arcade game visit

In October we went to Budapest for my birthday!!!
That was super dooper brilliant!!!  It's all here Day One
and here day two
And here Day Three
And here Day Four
And here Day Five

In November we saw another Goya expedition in London
Which was loads of fun!  Read about it here Goya expedition

And we also had a surprise day out here....
Read about it here Rekkie trip to Horrids

In December we went shopping with The Gang to Horrids....
.....wiv a Big Posh Tea as well!  You can read about it here Horrids Shopping

Andrea took me to the Office Christmas party this year!
And we got lots of presents!!  You can read about it here Office party

And then we had more pizza with Sir Woodstock
Which you can read about it here More Pizza

So really, we've done a heck of a lot this year!!!  It's been brilliant fun this year you know......and Andrea STILL has a job and STILL gets super food and chocolate in for me to eat.  She's very good like that you know.  I hope you've all had a good year too...... see you for more adventures soon!!!

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