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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Our Amazon gift card packages!

Last Saturday we spent some money on Amazon and then this week, the packages started arriving!! On Monday we got two packages....

The first one had plastic pillows in it.... we didn't order those did we???!

OH!! They were hiding some coloured card that we'd ordered!  Excellent!

This one's the other package.....

This one was a book that we'd been wanting to read for ages...!

 On Tuesday we got this package.....

This was two packs of white card that we ordered!!!

 On Wednesday, we got this package......

Which was more coloured card - but this one had different colours in it from the first pack we ordered!

And then today we got the last package delivered!!!

 Oh!!  How exciting!

 This was a box of Japanese origami papers!!!


There's loads of them!!  What fun!


  1. Happy new year Beanie!!! I think it sure will be happy seeing all those nice papers to make art with!!!

  2. did you find out who the anony"mouse" gift card came from?

  3. Holy macaroni... you get a LOT of mail!!