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Thursday, 24 December 2015

Last mail before Christmas!!!

 We got the last mail delivery before Christmas this morning - first off all was this package from the Book Depository

 It was a Philippa Gregory book - book 2 of a trilogy that we'd found books 1 and 3 of in a charity shop!

 Then we opened a letter from America!

 It was a Christmas card from Ajdin and his friends!!

 They'd all signed it too!!!

 Then we opened another letter from America

 That was a card from Little Fox!!

 Then we opened a big package from Jerry and Ben!!!!  Andrea said we could open it NOW!!!


 It was our prize for the Jack o'lantern contest back in October!!!!!
Jerry and Ben's Daddy forgot to post it until recently!!

 We got gingerbread Oreos!!!!!!!!!!

And chewy candy and a pencil!!!

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  1. Your post person must be beary strong to carry all the mail for your address!