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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Surprise day out!!!

 Today, Andrea said we were going somewhere!!!!  First we had to get some money from the bank, and then posted a couple of packages.......

 And ended up at Hove Train Station!!!  We collected our tickets and got on a train to London!

 It was really busy though and we ha to stand up until the next stop....... when we got a window seat!

 Here we are!!!!  Where are we going now???

 Oh!!  We're getting the C1 bus!!  

 We tied a floppy disc thingy onto the rail, too!!

 We saw lots of Christmas decorations on the way too.  They were really pretty!!

 When we got off the bus, we found his window display - his tongue kept getting stuck out!!!!

 Oh!  It's Horrids!!!

 Andrea took me all the way to the third floor and then we had to walk a long way to a little office - and we got a Horrids Loyalty Card!!!!  That means we get extra Stuff when we spend money there!  How fab is that?!?!??!!

 We then walked back through the toy department and found some mice!
(Ed's note: when we turned round from taking this picture, someone was taking a photo of our red backpack with all the patches on it!!!)

 Then we went back to the Egyptian Nellyvators and went back to the ground floor.

 Rather spiffy eh?!?

 They had fancy lamps there too.
After this, we went to find the food hall to check where things were and we got very lost!!!  It was ridiculously busy in there today, and everyone kept getting in the way which was really annoying, so we didn't get any spiffy pictures.  Well we did, but they all had someone's else's face in the way!!!
We got so annoyed, we ended up leaving.  Besides, we were hungry from looking at all the food!

 We walked along the front of the store and looked at the spiffy window displays instead.

 And they had a bagpipe player outside too!!!

 And a teddy bear pulling a cracker!!!!!

 Then we found an Italian pizza place so we decided to go in there for lunch.  Andrea parked the Rolls outside for our ride home, did you notice?!?

 We had a glass of water because we were really thirsty.

 And a piping hot pizza with Italian ham and sausage on it.  It was yum!!!

 After lunch, we made sure the Laduree was still there!!  AND it's still open!!  Excellent!

 On the way back to the bus stop, we found some more mice in the window.....!!

 Oh here we go - only a few minutes to wait for the bus!

 We tied another floppy disc to the rail too!

 Ooohh.... that's a pretty decoration!

 Here we go - back at the station!

 We didn't have to wait long for the train - and we got a window seat straight away this time!!  I tied a weathergram to the seat in front!

 There's Battersea Power Station again......

 We couldn't see the river when we crossed the bridge because this train was in the way!!!

 Nearly home....!

And a short walk home!!!  (it rained here while we were in London!)
That was a fun day out despite the crazy crowds!!!


  1. What? You didn't take the Rolls home?

    1. No but it took us to the bus stop. That's the most we could hire it for on our budget.

  2. No art galleries??? No art stores? Hmmm... I think you may have gotten short-changed on that trip!