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Sunday, 1 November 2015

A day out to London!!!

 Today, Andrea said we were going out!!!  I put my yellow scarf on which was just as well, because it was a bit foggy outside today.

 We had a bus ride first.....

 And got off here.....

 .....and then walked up here....... the train station!!!

 There's our train!  We're going to London!!!

 We got a window seat again and I left a weathergram on the table!!

 When we got going, it got foggier.....

 .....and foggier......

 .....and then cleared up a bit.........

 And then got SO foggy we couldn't see the River Thames when we crossed over!!!!!!!

 Luckily, when we came out of the station, it was clear enough that we could see the buses!!!

 We had to get a number 11 bus today.  I love the number 11 bus!!!

 I tied one of my decorated floppy discs to the railing!

 We're going up Whitehall here where the idiots government work.

 Oh, Andrea says we're getting off here!!!

 Trafalgar Square!!!  It was a lot quieter here this morning.  It was quiet along Whitehall too.  Andrea says it's because there was a big TV screen here at Trafalgar Square yesterday showing something to do with Rugby, and today everyone's sleeping off their hangover.

 There's the National Gallery!!!


 We're going to see the Goya portraits in the Sainsbury Wing!!!

 First of all we left a bookcrossing book in a phone box outside.

 Then we made use of the facilities and left another decorated floppy disc!

 Hey!!  It's an Altered Goya Portrait!!!! HAHAHAHAAAAAAaaaa!
We then went into the art expedition and we got in half price on our art card.  It was very interesting - there was a short movie at the start and apparently Goya tried twice to get into the Madrid Academy of Art and got turned down twice, so he then funded his own trip to Italy to copy the masters there.  So instead of drawing from plaster casts as the Academy students were, he was drawing from Da Vinci and Michelangelo in Florence!!!  And then when he came back to Spain, he got a job with the Spanish Royal Court!!!!!  He's interesting!  He also painted people as they really looked instead of prettying them up like other Court painters.

 That was a really cool expedition!!!  We did some shopping in the gift shop (we'll show you later)

 Now where shall we go for lunch???

 We went past some hoardings that had some of Goya's paintings on.  A lot of the Spanish Royal women wore their hair in Afro style.

 The men just wore wigs.

 We decided to eat here because it was cheaper than the other pizza place.

 we got a drink in....

 And then we got a pizza with a soggy bottom and not very crispy.  Now we know why it's cheap.

 We went to get another bus somewhere else...... it's still rather hazy though.  Bit of a nip in the air too.

 We went to the Strand to get a bus and left another bookcrossing book on the seat!!

 We're getting a number 23 - there's one due about now!  Excellent!

 We left another floppy disc on the bus too!


 What a cool doorway!!!!!

 We got off here - that's Piccadilly Circus down there!

 But we're going down here!

 SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (I'll show you later!)

 That's the clock over one of their doors.  Fancy innit??!!

 That's the Royal Academy over there - they have an expedition by Ai Wei Wei on at the minute, but we're not seeing that today.

 But Andrea said we're going in here!!!!!

 She said because the pizza was a bit soggy, I get to choose a posh cake so long as it costs less than £5 because that's all she's got left.  So I did!!!!!!!!  Hahahaaaa!
Andrea's very good to me you know....

 Then we had to get a number 38 bus back to the station.

 We had time to leave a weathergram on the bus timetable....

 And then we tied a floppy disc on the rail in the bus!!
(Ed's note: this has now been claimed as found see here!)

 That's Green Park over there - it's still a bit hazy foggy......!

 And here we are back at the station!

 Aha!  We can actually see the river now!

 It's strange seeing London in the fog....!

 We're heading home now!

 Here we are back at Brighton!

 And the sun's out!!!!!!  Finally!!!

 Just as we came out of the station, a number 6 bus arrived so we got on and tied another floppy disc to a rail. 

 We got off the bus a stop early because the driver had to change bus and his replacement hadn't arrived yet.  So we walked home and found a double post box for my new collection!!!

 Down here and we're home.  What a lovely day!

 We bought a book at the National Gallery - looks interesting too!

 And some postcards to send people!

 And two christmas decorations!!!  I couldn't resist!!!  One of them we're going to send to someone as a prezzie!!!

And some Fortnum & Masons Orange hot choccie drink!!!!!!!!  EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Wow - what a great day out to London! I was there last year at this time... sigh. I miss London - such a great city!

    1. Yeah, we went mudlarking didn't we!! That was fun, that was!

  2. It was great fun! And we went Paddington hunting too!

  3. What a neat trip. The yellow scarf is very dashing.