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Friday, 23 October 2015

Presents from Bob and Dilly!!!

 We had a package waiting by our door when we got home yesterday!!

 It's from Bob!!!!  Huzzah!!!

 Gosh, he's wrapped it well...!!

 It had a present in it for me, from Bob and his Bear Clan!!!  (he must be Scottish.  No he isn't, his Daddy is Irish!!)

 There was a card too!!!

 Wiv pants on the back!!!!  HAAAAAAAAAaaahahahahaa!!

 It's a mousey card!!

 I love it!!

 Bob made it speshally!!!!

 OH WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  These are MINE!!

 AND these as well!!!  WOW!!!

 Then I yelled for Tango to come over because there was something for him too!!

There was a messidge for him from Bob, too!

 IT'S A COAT!!!!!!

 Oh brill!!!!  I got my own hoodie coat!!!
Wiv snazzy buttons on it!!!

I love my coat!!!  FANKS BOB!!!


  1. Is it ok? Looks a tad tight!! Breathe in, Tango! Breathe in!!

    1. It's a littol tite but he has been eating lots of cayke recently......