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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

We had a night out!!!

Today Andrea took me into work.  I helped finish off some salted caramel sauce.  It was yummers!!

After work, me, Andrea, Bev, Vick and Vick's Mum went down the road - we waved at the Boxer dog!!!

And then went onto the seafront!!!

Hurrah!!  We're going on the Pier!!!!

After we got some squashed pennies, we went into the arcade.  I won a pink car!!!

Then I won a smiley face watch and a dinosaur and got loads of tickets too!!!  I swapped some of them for a Minions bubbles that blows two sizes of bubbles!!

After all that hard work gambling, we all got hungry...... so we waved goodbye to the waves.....

And came here for dinner!!!

These is our horde of winnings!!!  We had a good night out, we did!!

This is my stash..... I did well!

Here's me and Bev.

And this is our half of the peanut butter milkshake!!!!

That's yummy, mummy!!!!!!  Can we come here again please?

We had half a JB's classic burger (Bev had the other half) and chips.  This was yum too!!

Vick had a hot dog.  She had to cut it up though....!!
After we all got completely stuffed full, we decided to go home.  that was a fun evening!

We found another grafitti'd cable box on the way home too - a Bloo Dragon!

His wing's on the side.....
That was fun!

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