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Saturday, 26 September 2015

More stuff around town!!

 We had a wander round today and found some more cable boxes!!

 This one's up in the Seven Dials and it's one of my favourites!!!

 And we found a bloo Nellie as well!!

 Then we found a new manhole cover....

 And a posh entrance!!!  


Another book!!!

 We got a packet the other day, in a hot pink sparkly wrapping!!!

 There was a pretty card with it.....

And another bookcrossing book!!!  Yippee!!!

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

We got two bookcrossing books today too!!!

 We got a packet when we got home!!!

 It's a bookcrossing book, one of the Royal Flush sweepstakes books!!!  Brill!

 We also got this packet too - that's an enormous postage stamp of the Canadian flag!

 We got a bookcrossing book. a bookmark, some tea......

 And a postcard from Calgary and a note.....

and more postcards!  What a brill mail day!!

We had a night out!!!

Today Andrea took me into work.  I helped finish off some salted caramel sauce.  It was yummers!!

After work, me, Andrea, Bev, Vick and Vick's Mum went down the road - we waved at the Boxer dog!!!

And then went onto the seafront!!!

Hurrah!!  We're going on the Pier!!!!

After we got some squashed pennies, we went into the arcade.  I won a pink car!!!

Then I won a smiley face watch and a dinosaur and got loads of tickets too!!!  I swapped some of them for a Minions bubbles that blows two sizes of bubbles!!

After all that hard work gambling, we all got hungry...... so we waved goodbye to the waves.....

And came here for dinner!!!

These is our horde of winnings!!!  We had a good night out, we did!!

This is my stash..... I did well!

Here's me and Bev.

And this is our half of the peanut butter milkshake!!!!

That's yummy, mummy!!!!!!  Can we come here again please?

We had half a JB's classic burger (Bev had the other half) and chips.  This was yum too!!

Vick had a hot dog.  She had to cut it up though....!!
After we all got completely stuffed full, we decided to go home.  that was a fun evening!

We found another grafitti'd cable box on the way home too - a Bloo Dragon!

His wing's on the side.....
That was fun!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

More on Beanie's Emporium!

We've just done a restaurant review on our Emporium blog here Emporium review - it'll make you hungry though!!!

Monday, 21 September 2015

The Meringue

We've eaten some of the choccie meringue we bought at the British Museum.  It's gooey in the middle!!!!!

Sunday, 20 September 2015

We went to London!

Today we got up early and headed off on an expedition!!!

First we had to get a bus into town.....

We got off here where the flags are!!

And then walked up this way.

Aha, there's our train!!!  On time an' everything!

We got on, got a window seat and tied a tag onto the seat in front!!

Here we go..... we've got good weather for it today!

There's Battersea Power Station - they're turning it into posh flats now

And we're over the Thames!!!

When we got outside, there was a whole load of number 73 buses waiting for us!  Excellent!!

We tied a weathergram onto the seat rail!

Oh - going up Oxford Street now.  It's really busy here

And there's a fella making a doggy out of sand!

We got off here at Tottenham Court Road and then had to walk on a bit.

We left a book on a railing on the way!!!

A bit further on was Cornellisons Art Shop but it was closed today.  They had some eat-art stuff - a tea variety box, curry powder box, coloured salt box and a pepper box!!!  I want one each of all those!!!


then we found a funny restaurant name!!!!  Scoff an' Banter!!!!!  Hahahaa!

Next door to that, we put another book on a railing!!!

Here we are!!!  We've come to see this expedition!!!

And it's here at the British Museum!!!  We haven't been here for ages.....

Ah yes, my favourite Beanie Chair!

We got to find out where this is first..... room 90...... round the other side of the Great Courtyard, through room 24 to the other side, then the north lift up to the 4th floor....... righty ho then......

We went for a pee first and left a tag on the door....... and the expedition was brilliant!!!  It was in two big rooms and had metalpoint drawing from the 1400s up until now, people like Leonardo and Albrecht Durer and Hans Holbein, and it involved making a gloop of bone ash, pigment (indigo was a popular choice) mixed with water and rabbit skin glue and then painted onto paper.  When that dried, you could take a metal stylus and draw on it and it comes out various shades of gray.  In fact, you could use a metal thimble, a front door key, even your knife and fork if you wanted to!!!  I want to have a go at this now!!!

On the way out, we went past the re-organised food hall AND THEY HAD CAKES!!  Choccie Meringues in fact!!!!  MUMMY!!! GET ME ONE!!!!

We had a good rummage through the gift shop and saw a Big Bear..... I'll show our shopping later on.

By now, it was time for lunch and we were starving, so we went down the road to Tas on the corner of Gower Street.

We checked the chalkboard menu and decided we were going to do the set menu for £12.45.  We think that's a good deal you see.....

Andrea treated me to a glass of wine!  She's good like that, you know.

We had a starter of Taboulleh salad which was yumtastic!!

we also had some warm bread with a yoghurty dippy thing which we ate all of and some olives which we ate all of.  We liked them, too.

Then we had lamb shish and couscous which was faberooney!!!

THEN when we got the bill, they brought us some Turkish Delight!!!  We ate all that too.  Would've been rude to leave it.

Then we went down to Bedford Square and left another book on a fence!!

We found another Bloo Plark too.

Then we got another 73 bus.....

And we got off here at Marble Arch!!!
We were going to do a Sculpture Trail!!!

This was the first one we saw, of a really scarey dragon!

Opposite that is the horse head one...... this really creeps out Arnty Helena though.

Then we decided to walk down Park Lane...... and we saw this war memorial.

It's lovely.

This is a lovely Boolly Vard you know!

We saw the Dorchester which is posh.
In Boston, that's pronounced Dah-chesta.

There was a very posh car parked out front too, electric bloo.

We found this sculpture too, I think this is a new one.

And that building is a bank!!!

And that's the balancing Nellyfant!

 When we reached the bottom of Park Lane we turned left and went down here past Green Park

 We saw another Bloo Plark too.  But the building was all padlocked up.....

 We went past the Ritz....

 It's Fortnum and Masons!!!  Are we going in???  Are we?!?!

 We saw some weird vodka bottles in there...... and then..... AND THEN....!!

 GUESS WHAT MUMMY BORT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 That's the Royal Academy over there.  They have a new expedition by Ai Wei Wei but we're not going to see that today.

 By now, it was time for us to go home, so we waited for our bus.

 We left them a tag too!!!

 .....going past the back of Buckingham Palace......

 And here we are at the train station!!!

 We got another window seat on the train and tied another tag to the seat.

 .....crossing the Thames again.... what a fun day out!

 When we got back to Brighton we found another drain cover!

 And then off to get a bus home......!

 We left them a tag too!

 It's good to breathe in the sea air though, I really notice that after a day in London!

 Choccie Meringue!!!  That's my pudding!!!

 we got some coins and a mummy at the British Museum

 And some postcards too!!

 And a Special box of Posh Choccie!!!

Oh, this stuff's choccie bits too, not powder....hmmmmm...