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Thursday, 6 August 2015

We went to Chichester!!!

 Today we had another expedition!!!  I took Andrea up to the train station but we weren't going to London!!

 I made sure we got a window seat and tied a weathergram to the seat in front!!

 That's Shoreham Harbour - and the tides out.

 It's a long way......

 and then we got off here at Chichester!!!!!

 Andrea said we had to go this way.....

 West Pallant!  We're going down there!!

 Oh wow, that's pretty!

 They have some really old buildings here, you know.....

 It's a dodo!!!!!

 Oh hang on!  We're here!!!

 We've come to see this art expedition!!!  We saved £3 on the entry price with our art pass, and then went up to the 2nd floor and saw five room all filled up with lovely paintings!!!  Sickert was just after the Impressionist, and all these paintings were of Dieppe in France.  It's like their version of Brighton but without the Pavillion!!!  It was really good!
The expedition is here: Sickert in Dieppe

 In the ground floor courtyard, they had some funny sculptures made out of broken china!  We liked these!

 Some of the china had patterns on.

 We used the facilities and tied a weathergram on the door and spent some money in the gift shop too.

Then we went for a little walk to get our appetite up for lunch....


Chocolate shop!!!  Yum!

We met Paddington too!!!

Oh!  Let's go see the cathedral!!

They have Peregrine Falcons living up there you know....

We left a bookcrossing book out, too!!

Oh wow.....!!

There's another expedition on in there!  Let's go see!!

(that's actually a piggy.....!)

After that, we went to the Cathedral cafe for lunch.  We had home made tomato soup and a bread roll with butter on for dunking.  That was almost as good as Andrea's tomato soup!!!

And after that we had chocolate cake!!!  AND we had change from a tenner!!!
It was Yumtastic!!!

After lunch we had a little wander round....

And found an art shop up the road!  Huzzah!
We spent some money in here too....

And then we decided it was home time....!

Novi who??  Reggie what??

Here we are!  

We left another weathergram tied to the bike racks!!!

When we got on the train, I made sure we got another window seat and left another weathergram on the seat!

And then we're off into the countryside......

....back over Shoreham Harbour.......

And we arrived back at Hove Station!!

And then it was a short walk back home....!!  What a lovely day out!

We got the expedition catalogue which will be interesting to read!

And some postcards too!

And we got some raffia and some paint from the art shop!!
I like days out with Andrea!!!


  1. What an excellent day out. I like Chichester - wondering if I could / should go see Sickert.

  2. Worth going. £7 entry with gift aid on your Art Pass, £6 without gift aid. On for a while yet.....

  3. Excellent adventure! That chocolate cake looks super scrumptious!

  4. Nice trip Beanie, love the old buildings!