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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Walk along the seafront

 Today the sun was out so we decided to go for a walk.  I joined the pirates!!!  ARRRRRGGG me harties!!!

 Hardly a cloud in the sky and no wind...!!!

 There's a chap on a paddle board thing there......

 Even the seagulls were snoozing in the sun!!

 We left a bookcrossing book out for someone to find!!

 There's the West Pier skeleton there.....

 That sticky-uppy thing is going to be a big tower with 360 degree views at the top.  
 Then we walked up the road past this building....

 And past these pretty steps.....

 And met a pretty dog sunbathing outside his house!!!

 We found a postbox too!!!

 Then we found a grafitti'd cable box thing with a new design on it!!!

 This one's almost boring in comparison!!!

 We like this wol though!!!

 Later on we found a Muppet box!!!

 And an ice cream shop that used to be a phone box!!!  That's fab!!!!

 And then we found Miss Piggy

After that long walk, we came home and had choccie cake!!!  Yummmmm!!


  1. a fun outing! arrrr! arrrr matey!

  2. Great outing to the sea. Sequoia wants to know if you played with the dog.

    1. The doggie wasn't allowed out to play on his own - but seemed very happy sitting in the sun and chatting to us!!!! We had a very interesting conversation!!

  3. Wow, I don't think I've ever seen the sea so calm in your other photos. You sure saw a lot of interesting stuff.

  4. Oh! How we'd love to be so close to the sea!!! You are such a lucky mouse Beanie!