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Monday, 3 August 2015

An expedition in London

Today, Andrea told me we were going out!!

So off we went to the bus stop and got the bus to......

Brighton train station!!  Excellent!

We got there in plenty of time to get on the right train and I made sure we got a window seat!

And we left a weathergram there too!

And we're off!!

Here we are crossing the Thames!  The tide's out too....!

When we got out of the station there were loads of 38 buses waiting just for us!

I tied another weathergram to the seat!

That's the back of Buckingham Palace, you know.

We got off here at the Royal Academy again - we're going to see another expedition - this time it's Joseph Cornell!!!

Let's go in!!!

After we got our tickets we were expecting to use the really scarey glass elevator but it was broken and they told us to use these see through stairs instead.

Andrea tried but couldn't so we asked if there was another way up.  They said there was another glass elevator and somebody showed us where it was.  Andrea started wobbling a lot when we saw that but a lovely lady came in with us and when we got to the top, there was an even scarier glass walkway into the room.  But the lovely lady walked us into the room too.
After we saw the expedition (which was brilliant, by the way, and well worth seeing) we took the same elevator back down again and Andrea started wobbling on the glass walkway thing.  This time, there was a lovely old lady who held Andrea's hand and said she used to be a mountaineer and understood why Andrea didn't like glass elevators!!!!!

We were very pleased to be back on ground floor - but also very pleased we'd managed to see the expedition too!!!

Then we went this way.....

....past Fortnum & Masons with their fancy clock.....

....and left a bookcrossing book in a telephone kiosk.......

.....and arrived at Pickalilly Circus!!!

And we got another bus to somewhere else!!

There's Nelson's column!!  YOOO HOOOO!!

There was a new sculpture on the fourth plinth - it's a horse skeleton!!

It looks a bit creepy against the clouds, eh?

Turns out there's a "DNA trail" in London at the moment.  Not as interesting as the Paddington Bear trail though - DNA doesn't have a bum.

 We saw some interesting animals on the South African Embassy though!

 And we saw some grafitti too!!!

 Let's go that way!

There it is down there!!!

 We walked to the other side of Covent Garden and went here for lunch!

 First of all we had a drink......

 And left them a tag!!!

 We had fish and chips for lunch - it was OK.  When we paid, the waitress ignored our money on the table for ages, and then when she did pick it up, walked off, took another tables food order and then walked off.  We thought she was hoping we'd leave before she bought the change back.  We didn't.  You can go off a restaurant, you know.....

 Then we went back to Covent Garden.

 YAAAYY!!!  We had to buy some macarons and three cakes because it's Andrea's Dad's birthday tomorrow.

..... just checking they're all in here.......

 Then we left another book in another telephone kiosk........

 .....on the way to over here......

 ......and down here.....

 So we could get a number 11 bus back to the train station!!!

 We left another weathergram on the bus too!!!

 We went past Trafalgar Square again.....

 Down past Westminster Abbey.....

 And here we are back at the train station again!!!

 And plenty of time to get a window seat on the right train!!!  We left another weathergram there too!

 And back over the river again!

 I love looking out the train windows!!!

Aha!  We're coming into Brighton Station now!!

 And when we got out of the station, there was a number 6 bus waiting for us!!!

 And here we are walking back home!!!

 We met an orange cat on the way - he eventually let us scratch his ear!!!

 That's the expedition book we got - we're looking forward to reading that!!!

 And we got some postcards too!!

And the ticket for my memory book!!!!
What a fab day!!


  1. What a great adventure! I do sooo miss London - it's such a great city. Although... glass stairs, really??? That would only work if (a) you closed your eyes or (b) didn't look down. But at least you got to see the expedition! I can almost taste one of those macaroons... mmmm... so good...

  2. P.S. I could make a grumpy remark about no lion on the outside of the South Africa embassy... but the Cecil thing has nothing to do with South Africa, so I'll keep my little bear mouth shut (from this point forwards).

    1. Ah but they do have rather magnificent lions at Trafalgar Square which is over the road...... and you could say those lions are all in black in mourning for Cecil.

  3. Oh, Andrea is so brave!!! I remember that she doesn't like stairs like that, G. Says she can really understand that, she doesn't like them either! Very happy that you could see the exposition!

    1. We're really happy those people helped us!! If they weren't there, we don't think we'd have seen the expedition...!