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Thursday, 23 July 2015

We won a Sweepstake!!!!!! We won we won!!!

 Today when we got home there were two packages waiting for us!!!  They turned out to be books from the Spurtle Sweepstakes on Bookcrossing!!!  (A spurtle is a gizmo that you stir porridge with and the books are either set it Scotland or by a Scottish author)  

 The first package has cupcakes on the back!!

 It's from bookfrogster!!!!  How exciting!!!

 We got a mug coaster - that's a Scottish saying that means don't get stressed out and have a drink!!!

 This book is called Red Dust Road....!

 The second package is this one.....

 we got Scottish sweeties!!!

 This one's from Plum Crazy and she sent me a fridge magnet with a moo-cow on!

 ....and some postcards!

 .....and some bookmarks!!!

And a book called Exile!!!
How exciting!!!


  1. Cool! Thanks for translating that Scottish stuff... it was all Greek to me!