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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

We went out partying!!!!

Andrea took me into work today and afterwards, we went into town!!!

We brought Heather and Vicky with us because they hadn't gone partying on the Pier before - I'm good at that you know!!!

Here we are!!!

When we got into the arcade bit, we change lots of money into 2p coins and then went and played the 2p slots.  We got Vicky a minion key ring and I got lots of tickets!!!  (we save them for later)

Then we went on another machine and I won a pink key ring!!!  Vicky won another Minion keyring and Heather won a dice too!!!  Then we collected up all the tickets and had enough for a pack of cards and two slinkydink toys!!!  After that, we went on the 10p slots and won another Minion dressed as a pirate!!!  It was brill!!!

It was very windy outside and I nearly got blown away!!!

Then we went over the road to Harry Ramsden's for dinner.  Here's all the stuff we won!!!

Andrea said I could have a beer since I was so good at helping win prizes!!

Then we had a whopping huge big chish and fips.  It was Yumbo!

We even had icecream for pudding!!!  Wiv choccie sorce on it!!!

Snazzy Mirror eh?!

That was such a fun evening!!!!

Then we got a bus home and staggered back down the road...... what fun!

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