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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Birthday Trombola!!

We usually have a give-away when we come back from the Manga show, but we can't this year because they didn't have any goodies in the goodie bag.  Instead we're going to have a Trombola instead!!!
The badges (buttons) above we got at the Manga show.
Two skulls resting against my paws
The wolf button
Darth Vader has been taken!
Cat button taken!
The large - well, button!
If you'd like one, leave a message in the comment box.

These two skull badges we got at the V&A Museum
(if you'd like one or the other, say red or blue in your message)

Three Two One, maybe two, London bus key rings.
One has been taken
Alexander would also like one if no-one else does.

These buttons we got from the Magna Carta show last year.
Say if you want the one with the feather on it or one of the others.

Depending on how many people want stuff, I may be able to offer multiple badges to each person.....