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Monday, 30 March 2015

We met Sir Woodstock!!!

 When Andrea got home from work today, she said we were going out.  But we're not on holiday, are we???

 That's Orsino's!!!!  We've eaten here before with Sir Woodstock Bear!!!

 After Sir Woodstock arrived, we got the drinks in and ordered dinner.  We had a Marinininininerara pizza which means it has seafood on it like mussels and a big juicy garlicky prawn in the middle!!!  It was Yumtastic!!

Sir Woodstock brought us an Easter Orange!!!!  But we didn't get him anything.... but then we do have that surprise thingy at home to mail him..... sshhh!!


  1. Shhh!! That pizza looks scrumptious - I'm drooling right now.

  2. Oh wow! Dat awk sownds fun.

    Bob T.

  3. Hmmmm! Yummy pizza! We like that one too! Good to see you meet another friend for real:-)!