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Friday, 27 March 2015

We got Sandy Mail!!!!!

 We got a little packet today, addressed to ME!!!

 OH!  It's a map!!!

 OH!!  Sandy found it in a charity shop and thought I could use it!!!  Wow!

 Coo, I like the card!

Balsam Lake....... wonder where that is....?
Gosh, thanks Sandy!!!


  1. Boy that came fast!! I thought you could make something funky out of that map. It's from the Great Lakes area of Canada! The card is cool because it shows two communities - Hyder, Alaska is the one in the front (where that big, sandy river comes in). And then in the background of the left is Stewart, BC (Canada!). If you look closely at the mountain above Hyder, you can see the border between the US and Canada - just a line where the trees and bushes get cut down. Mama worked up there back in the olden days!

    1. Coo!!! We'll have to look specially hard at it again now!!