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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Movie review - "Sweet Smell of Success"

Movie review number 37

This is a 1950s black and white movie set in New York City and centres around JJ Hunsecker (Burt Lancaster) the gossip columnist, Sidney Falco (Tony Curtis) the press agent ....... and JJs sister who he's fiercely protective of as his only family member, and her boyfriend Steve Dallas who plays guitar in a jazz quintet.  Hunsecker and Falco are both very corrupt and manipulative journalists who will do (almost) anything to get what they want and the story revolves around JJ using Falco to plant false evidence on Steve Dallas to manipulate JJs sister into dumping Dallas.  What neither of them realise until almost the end is that Dallas has proposed to her, and she has accepted....... and suddenly false drug evidence is planted on Dallas resulting in his loss of a job, and a beating from - no, it couldn't be the Police could it?
This is a brilliant movie with a fabulous script and backing music from the Chico Hamilton Quintet, and works terrifically in black & white.  You need to pay attention though as right at the end, there is a big twist in the story where you realise the kid sister isn't so much of a kid any more....... and who's really manipulating who??

Absolutely!!!  This is compulsory watching!

10 squeaks out of 10!!

Classic popcorn and soda movie


  1. Another great Beanie review. Have you ever seen The Secret of Nimh? Ben thinks Beanie would like it. Oh, and Jerry suggests: melt a little butter for your popcorn over the stove or in your microwave. When it is melted, add a couple of tablespoons of honey in it, then mix well, and drizzle over your popcorn--it's beary yuummy!

  2. Wow!! 10 squeaks out of 10! That sounds like an excellent movie! I wonder if our On-Demand TV options has these movies... have to look.