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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Beanie went to London Day One

 Today, we started packing for a trip!!!  We haven't had one of those for AGES!

 Finished and ready to go!!!

 We all trotted up the road.....

 To the bus stop!  Which bus are we getting?

 Ah, here we go....!

 Up to the train station!!  Yippee!!

 We got a window seat.  This train was on diversion because of track maintenance work so it took two hours instead of one hour but that's OK.  We're on holiday today and we're not rushing!!!#

 And the view's good too!

 Here we go, over the Thames!!

First we had to take a wee and left a tag on the door!!!

And then went off to get the number 73 bus!!  There was three of them waiting!

 And we're off.....

 And got off outside the British Library!!!
We crossed the road and checked in at the Youth Hostel....

 And got a room on the fourth floor, bottom bunk!!!  Yay!!
After we unpacked, we had enough time to go stretch our legs....

 So it's back outside.....

And went back to the British Library to see the Magna Carta Expedition!  We got in half price on our Art Pass card!

I really like this sculpture!
It was a really interesting expedition too.  It all started with rotten stinky horrid King John, and all the barons in England hated him and started revolting.  Then King John wrote the Magna Carta to get them to all shut up, which they did, and left him alone.  Then Pope Innocent III in Rome said that King John got coerced into writing the Magna Carta which meant it was completely meaningless and void.
So they revolted some more....... and we now have the British Legal System!!  It turns out that the American declaration of something or other used the Magna Carta as a basis and a chap called Thomas Jefferson wanted to do away with slavery but that bit got crossed off so that bit came later.  And the European declaration of Human Rights is based on the Magna Carta as well.  AND they had two of the original Magna Carta's on show here too!
 Afterwards we did some shopping in the gift shop.....

 ....and left a bookcrossing book in the Courtyard!

 then we had a bit of a stroll before dinner.....

 and found that for Bob!!!

 Then we went to Pizza Express for dinner and had a fizzy drink....

 And a classic American Pizza!!  It was yummy!!!

then we were all totally knackered so we went to bed!!!