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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Beanie went to London Day Four

Today was our last breakfast before going home!  Cocopops, kwussant and coffee, yum!

 We left a tag in the toilets before we went off to pack up our stuff.

 And then it was time to check out and leave!  What a brilliant trip we've had!!

 Off we went to the bus stop to get the number 73.....

 And off we go....!

 Hang on a minute, this isn't the station!!  What are we doing getting off here??

 More art shopping??!  Really?!?!  Oh what fun!!

 Then we went back to the bus stop and got another number 73!!!

 We left a tag on this bus!!
(Ed's note: this tag got claimed on our other blog, this post here)

 and off we go again!!!

 We went past the posh clock at Selfridges.....

 And past a shiney sculpture in Park Lane....

 And the funny upside down elephant!!!

 And here we are at the train station!!!

 We got a seat and left another tag on the seat in front!

 And here we are crossing the Thames going home.....

 It's pretty down here....

 And here we are arriving at Brighton Station!!!!!  

 Home at last!!!  Bob gave Tango a rocking chair as a present!  Wasn't that lovely!!

He says he's in charge of the zapper now, and sits by telly with it!!!!
That's OK, he likes Star Trek too.

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  1. Excellent trip Beanie! Cool that one of your tags was found and claimed so quickly!