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Monday, 23 March 2015

Beanie went to London (and then Colchester) Day Two

Today we got up early for breakfast.  We had a hot Kwussant with butter, cornflakes, coffee and some cheese.  It was yum!

Then we people watched from the windows!

A bit later on, we went and got  Bob and Dilly's presents because we were going to Colchester today!!!  They have brilliant ellyvator doors in this hostel!

That's a theatre one!

First of all we stopped for a pee and left a weathergram on the door!!

We had a bit of time to spare so we did a bit of window shopping first.  We saw some lovely tea tins in the shape of elephants!!!  They're so pretty!!!

Then we got a number 205 bus which went through Shoreditch and past Spitalfields Market.....

To Liverpool Street Station!!!

We said hello to Bob's grayte grayte grayte grayte Grandbear Wrcszczccszczslav from Warsaw in Poland.  He was in the Resistance, you know.

Then we collected our train tickets from the self service tickets in advance machine

And got on a train just after 11 in the morning!!!

We went past the Olympic Stadium - that was still being built last time we came here!

And there's that funny Helter Skelter building.  It's weird.

And when we arrived at Colchester Station we had to change trains.....

And then had a short trip to....

Here which is where Bob and Dilly live!!
Then we got a taxi to their house!

When we walked in, all the bears were waiting for us and all shouted "SURPRISE!!" when we walked in!!!!  We all jumped which is why the picture's fuzzy!!!

George gave Dilly a Star Trek book

And me and Tango gave Bob a Piratey Treasure Chest!!!  Tango's not in the picture because he's keeping everyone else away!!!

Bob really liked the treasure, I think!!!
That's Buzzy the Cat on the right, he's a guard cat that likes sleeping in boxes.

We got some good prezzies too - some new badges and a Bob and Dilly fridge magnet

Dilly gave George a prezzie too

Some Chai Latte!!!

And then Tango got a prezzie from Bob too!!

Another fridge magnet!!!  We love it!

And some more goodies!!!!  Yummy!!!

And I got one as well!!!!

My own Hunny Sashay!!!!

Then Bob got some hats out - we decided the mexican one suited George perfectly!

And then we all played in Bob's tin bus!  That was fun!!  He let me drive!

when we got hungry, we went into the kitchen and found the most brilliant-est pick nick lunch EVER!!!!  We had sarnies and sossidge rolls and hot chips and caykes and chocolate fingers AND apple turnovers!!!  It was BRILL!!!

Later on Bob let Tango try on his stetson hat.  But he made him give it back.....

Then we all had a game of synchronised sitting......!!!

Bob said I could keep this woolly hat though.  It's great, it keeps my ears warm!
Then all of a sudden, it was five o'clock, Uncleclclclce Kevin came home and it was time to go back to the train station!  Where did the afternoon go??

So we got in the car....

Bob even let me help with the navigating!!!

And then they waved us off at the station......

We had such a fun day today!  I'm so glad we all came!!!

We got onto the train which was waiting at the station for us....

And tied a weathergram onto the seat in front!  This train was going straight through to London so we didn't have to change

and we're off.....

We saw some interesting lights on the way to London

And when we got to Liverpool Street, we got the 205 bus back to St Pancras

Here we go....

And here's our stop!!!

Because it was getting late, we decided to go straight to the restaurant for dinner.

We had a fizzy drink

And a four seasons pizza!!!  Yum!!

And then it was back to the youth hostel.....

And we were so tired, we went to bed!!!


  1. WHAT A GREAT DIARY ENTRY!! I LOVE TO SEE YOUR JOURNEY! I'm glad you had a great day- we did too! COuldn't believe how fast it went! Glad you finally met Kevin, too! He said you all look very nice and friendly. He was very impressed with how long your tail is.

    1. Yeah, it was fun meeting Kevin!!! I've never met anyone that was impressed with my tail.....

  2. What an awesome adventure! You got to see Bob T. Bear and Dilly! We're beary jealous. It looks like you had a blast! Thanks for sharing your photos.

  3. What a fun trip! The tea tins look cool. And the pirate treasure chest... ARRRRR!!!


  4. Excellent! Thanks for sharing - it was good to see Bob and Dilly again - Has Aurntie Helena had any luck with blogger about getting her password back/account unlocked?