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Friday, 9 January 2015

It's a Bob Box!!!!!

 When we got home today, there was a whopping big HUGE box waiting outside our front door!!!

 When I took the brown paper off, I noticed it was for me and Tango so I went and got him to help me open it!!!!!

 The wrapping paper had bears on it!!!!!  The tag looks just like Tango in his bloo jumper!!!!!  (that's how we know it's a Bob Box!!!  He obviously wrapped it!)

 BUBBLE WRAP!!!!!  Bounce bounce bounce bounce HAHAHAHHhahahaaa!!

 OH WOW!!!  It's a huge box of tea!!!

 96 teabags!!!  WOW!

12 different flavours of tea!!!  Oh boy, we're going to love this!!!  Thanks Bob and Dilly!!!  (And Arnty Helena and Unkle Kevin too!)  What a fab prezzie!


  1. Hey! Dis shuddent hav been left by the dor! It was sent 'signed for'!!

  2. I saw that sticker too. Left by front door not signed for!!!!!

  3. More mail!! You are the ultra luckiest mouse ever!