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Thursday, 25 December 2014

What we did for Christmas....!

 today we bounced up and down on the bed long enough to get Andrea up so we could open our prezzies!!!

 George got this from Dilly!  He loves it!!!

 Then Tango opened his prezzie from Bob....


They're underpants!!!!! 

 There were three other prezzies from Bob and Dilly but we weren't sure which was for Andrea and which was for me.  We opened this one first.....

 OH!! Squeezy keys for getting paint out of tubes!!  They must be for Andrea!

 What's this one???

OH WOW!!!  A Marbled tree!!  We love it!

 Then there was this one.....

 Oh what fun!!  These must be mine!!!!
Thanks Bob and Dilly!!

 Then we opened a prezzie we got in the Terrier SOS auction.....

 Oh those'll be handy!!

 Then we opened some prezzies we got for Andrea!!!

 We got her a Northern Lights bath bomb!!!

 And some Yog Nog soap!  That smells yummo!

 then there were these....

 They're bubble bars!!!  You break a bit off and crumble it under running taps and it makes loads of smelly bubbles!!!  Tango liked the orange one best

 Then we got her these two.....

A Honey Bee bath bomb and some Reindeer Rock soap!!  She really liked these!!

 THEN we had breakfast!!!  Hot Croissants and coffee!!!

 After breakfast, me and Andrea walked over to her Mum and Dad's for lunch.
We left some weathergrams at bus stops on the way!!!

 It's good fun doing this!!!

 We saw some pretty things in shops too!

 I like that tree!

 There's lots of bus stops on this road, which is good!

 And lots of trees in windows!!

 We had gorgeous weather today.....

 We saw a big Christmas tree at Palmeira Square.....

 And then we walked up to the park.....

 And up to where Mum and Dad live.  We had a ton of food there and lots of fizzy champagne too!!!  AND lots of presents!!  It was great fun!

 After that, we packed up our presents and had a walk back through the park to come home!

 And lost a few more weathergrams on the way!!!

 The tree at Palmeira Square had its' lights turned on when we came back!!!

 And got home just in time to see the sun go down!!!  What a lovely day!!!

Andrea got a box of four horror DVDs!!!  Those look really scary!!

 And we also got the Nosferatu DVD.  Apparently that's famous.

 And here are the books that we got.  I think we're going to be busy reading!!!

What a fun day out!


  1. What great gifts! Hope you're all having a wonderful and cozy holiday!

  2. Wow! Great presents! G. loves Jane Eyre! She collects movies about that book! Nice to see that you lost so many weathergrams so other people have a present as well!

  3. Wowser!!! What a great day! I definitely there is an art exhibition or movie premiere in Andrea's future... the some and bubble bombs fit in with that theory - she's got to be beary presentable for this upcoming event!

  4. Oh, the Nosferatu movie is really cool!
    We have it as well. And the newer Nosferatu movie from Herzog is cool as well if you want to find more vampire movies

  5. Happy Holidays! Those are some great gifts Beanie, enjoy :)