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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

We've finished for Christmas!!!

 Today was Andrea's last day at work before Christmas - and after she got home, she took me out for dinner!!!  We met a bunny on the way....

And then ended up here!!!

Outside Orsino's!!!!  I love it here!!

I met Sir Woodstock again!!

I like him!!!  Even if he IS old....!

We had a Fiorentina Pizza and it was YUMMY!!!!  We even let Sir Woodstock have a bit!

Afterwards they gave us a present!  One was a bag of choccies for Andrea and the wrapped up one was for me!!  Sir Woodstock said I had to open it as soon as we got home!!!  BRILLIANT!!!

After dinner we waved goodbye and then wandered home past some Christmas trees.

and then opened MY present!!!!

Oh!  It's green!!

It's a Christmassy sleeping bag!!!!!

With a mouse on the bottom!!!!  I got my own Mousie sleeping bag!!!!!

I love my sleeping bag!!!  (Andrea said it was a Christmas stocking but mice don't wear stockings at Christmas.  I say it's a sleeping bag.)


  1. Beanie
    It's a mawveloos, bootiful sleeping bag fow you...anyone can see that sheeesh...Mewwy Chwissmoos wif smoochie kisses,Asta

  2. Wow, your own sleeping bag! That sure will come handy on one of your trips!

  3. That is a super cool gift! Now, when you stay at hostels, you don't have to fight with Andrea for the covers!