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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Movie Review - Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Movie review number 33

This movie starts in the Nevada Desert in 1957, with the arrival of an Army patrol at a Highly Restricted Army Base.  They're initially refused entry, but then armed personnel jump out of the vans, and gun down the US guards and force their way in....... and then park the vans outside a storage facility and drag Indiana Jones out of the boot of one of the vans!!!  The Army patrol turn out to be Russian KGB headed by Cate Blanchett wanting to search the storage facility for something that Indy had found ten years previously...... which eventually turned out to be a corpse of an alien!!!  Indy escapes, only to find the US army are about to test a nuclear bomb!!!!! OH NO!!!
He escapes from that to return to his university campus, only to have the FBI ransack his office and then he gets fired from his job.  He packs, and gets on a train somewhere but is accosted by a young man (Shia LaBoeuf) on a motorbike who later explains that young man's Mother (who Indy knew in movie one) is lost in South America somewhere having gone there to rescue young man's stepdad (John Hurt) who was lost searching for a crystal skull, that is the key to the gold of El Dorado.  Russian Spies find them, and there's a mad car chase ending in Indy and Young Man on a plane to Peru!!!!
In Peru, Indy and Young Man are kidnapped by Cate Blanchett and the Russians, who also have John Hurt (who's half mad) and Young Man's Mum who Indy then recognises as Girlfriend from movie one....... and then discovers that Young Man is actually his son, Henry Junior the third!!!!
They find the location of the Crystal Skull and also the location of where it's supposed to be.... and after another crazy car chase and some human-eating ants.... there's a very exciting ending AND A WEDDING!!!!!

Oh yes indeedy!!

9 squeaks out of 10

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