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Monday, 10 November 2014

When Beanie Met Sandy (in London!)

Sunday morning we got up really early to go see someone.

First we got the bus to the train station

and we got the train!!  I love window seats

Here we are coming into London!!!

We're at Blackfriars Station again!!!

Alexander Bear was waiting for us!!  How fun!!!!  We'd arranged to go Mudlarking on the Thames for his birthday!!!  I've never been mudlarking - it sounds messy though!

It turns out it's a lot like beachcombing but on the banks of the Thames when the tide's out!!!  You have to be careful and watch the river though because it comes in ever so quickly.  I found loads of stuff - lots of broken pottery and glass and a few other weird things but I'll show you those when I've cleaned them up at home.  They were very gloopy with mud!!

There's a boat over the other side.....

And we met lots of other people mudlarking too.  We even met a Westie dog that found a tennis ball!!!

We even saw a yellow brick!!!

After ages getting messy, we got hungry so we went back to the Tate Modern for lunch.  We cleaned up in the toilets first (well, went for a wee in the toilets and then washed up in the sink) and I left a tag on the back of the door

And then me and Alexander decided what we were going to have for lunch.

We got the drinks in first.....

I shared mine with Alexander because it's his birthday.  And I'm a nice mouse.

I got a sausage sarnie and chips.  

Alexander had fish and chips.  He said they were the best fish and chips he'd had in London.  After lunch, Andrea said we were going on a bear hunt.....

A Paddington Bear Hunt!!!!!  This one's outside the Tate Modern.

Then we walked up the riverside by the Millenium Bridge

And we found a painted bus!!!!!

We decided that the Paddington's were using them to get around because.....

We then found another one at Bankside Pier!!!!!

He was called Shakesbear because......

He was outside the Globe Theatre!!!
Rather spiffy isn't it?!

Then we doubled back on ourselves and went over to Blackfriars Bridge again to pick up the RV1 bus

Then we spotted a strange thing.  Can you see what it is??!!!!!

Then we got on the RV1 bus and I tied a tag on the rail

.....and Alexander photobombed me!!!

Oh here we are!!!!!  We're going over Tower Bridge!!!!!

See?!?!?!?!!  We're riding over Tower Bridge on the bus!!!

Oh this is so exciting!!!

There's the Tower of London!!!  When we got off the bus, it was super crazy busy because of the poppy display there and today being Remembrance Sunday so we didn't stop to try and see the poppies I said, crazy mad busy!!

The only view we got of the poppies was through the gaps in the fence!

But then at the end of the road we got a good view.

After that, we got a number 42 bus up to Liverpool Street Station, and then.....

Found a Police box and then.....

Found the statue of Bob T Bear's grayte grayte grayte grandbear Wrczyszczsscszyjslav from Lodz in Poland

He was in the resistance you know, and helped rescue lots of children from the Nasties and brought them to England. 

Then we got another bus and tied another tag on it!!

We travelled past where all the gold bullion is kept.....

And got off at St Paul's Cathedral!!

And we found another Paddington!!!

And of course, here's the bus he travelled in!!!

That has records for tyres!!!

We waited for another bus - and Alexander photobombed me again!!!  He's getting good at that you know!!  Cheeky bear!

I tied a tag to that bus as well!

We got off here near Aldwych!

Then we walked up to Covent Garden amd found a bus with a bearskin hat on!

And a rainbow bear!!!!!

The ballerina Darcy Bussell designed that one!!!

We wandered round and looked at the Christmas decorations

They've even got their tree up already!!!!

It's a poppy bus!

This one has ladybugs on it!!

We found the Moomin shop too!!  I want to go shopping here with Arnty Helena when she feels better

And then we found another Paddington Bear climbing out of a mail bag!!!

A bit further along we found this fella in a skirt.

And THEN we found a Laduree!!!!!  We went in and Alexander got a chocolate birthday cake and I got a box of eight macarons - and I shared them with Alexander because he'd never tasted them before.  He really liked them!!!
By now, it was getting on in time, and that was the end of our Mystery Bus Ride trip...... so we decided to say goodbye so that Alexander could go pack up for his trip home and we could get back to the train station.

We wandered past the reindeer....

Back to the bus stop at Aldwych and caught a bus.

Of course we tied a tag onto the rail!!!

And then got off at Ludgate Circus

.....and walked down past the Blackfriars pub.....

.....and had half an hour to spare before our train!!

We used the facilities first and left them a weathergram!!!

and then walked down the platform.  Coo, what a fun day!!!

There's the Tate Modern again, where we started!

When we arrived at Brighton Station, there was a bus waiting for us....

And we rode home.  What a brilliant day out!!!!!


  1. Wow! That was some day out.

  2. Wow! How beary exciting! I'm glad you got to meet Sandy :)

  3. What an amazing day! London and Paddington Bears!!!! Great treasure hunting and yummy food, and all with Beanie AND Sandy! We're so beary jealous! We hope Sandy gave you a big bear hug from all of use little US bears.

  4. What a fun trip. You two are lucky stuffies.

  5. Is that the second or third time you and Sandy visited in London?

  6. It was a great day!! Saw all sorts of cool things AND got to rummage around in the mud for neat treasures! This is the second time Beanie and I have met - the last time was in 2012 in Brighton where he took me gambling at the Arcade! That too was a fun adventure.

  7. That was a brilliant day out!! Neither of us had been mudlarking before and it's SOOO much fun!