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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Our Mudlarking finds (and cakes!)

Well, after cleaning up all the gloop, we can show you the bits that we found on the Thames!  We found a few pieces of glass.

 There were several pieces of blue and white china shards too.

 And patterned pottery too.

 There were lots of oyster shells on the river bed too!!

 We found a mug handle and some plain white and brown pottery too.

This piece has an interesting pattern along the top!!

 this was the top of a pot!!!

 We found quite a few of these too - we think they're ends of pipes (the bit you suck the smoke through) that snapped off the bit the tobacco was stuffed into

 and all different lengths too!

 I also found two weird rusty metal things with holes in them!!  No idea what they were!!

 And this rather vicious looking thing was one of the first bits I picked up!!  We asked another mudlarker what they thought it was, and they said it might be a ship's bracket or sprocket gizmo, like a giant staple thing.  Apparently, it's quite common to find ship-related bits on the bottom of the Thames!
I've decided that I'm going to buy some air-drying clay, and roll it out and press the pottery pieces into it and make a mosaic type thing!

These are what's left of the macarons that me and Alexander had.  But he's not shown anyone the chocolate cake that his mummy got him - we think he ate it before she had a chance to get the camera out!!!


  1. Oooh how beary interesting! Did you find any honey or fish?!

    1. No we didn't. I don't think there'd be any honey down there as all the pottery we found were broken bits ..... we figured somebody had eaten the honey and then thrown the honeypot away.

  2. You two are quite the archaeologists.

  3. It was beary cool! My stuff still needs to be cleaned!

    1. That's got to be getting a bit stinky by now, isn't it?!!!