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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Beanie's Birthday!!!

Yesterday, Tuesday the 21st October, Andrea got me up REALLY early.  First thing she did before even putting the coffee on was to put Ajdin's present in front of me!!  Presents??  What fun!

Now, what do we have here?

Oh!!!  Jigsaw Puzzle!!  I love these!

Now, get the corners in and then do the edges....

Oh!  It's a Happy Ajdin!!  Oh good, I'm glad he's happy!

Oh there's more!  We haven't done the middle yet!

It's my birthday!! Yippee!!

Uh oh, just as we were about to leave, it started pissing it down with rain!!!  Andrea said it was the tail end of Hurricane Gonzalez that was passing through and not to worry because it won't last!

By the time we got to the bus stop though, Andrea's feet were sopping wet!!  And the bus was really busy too, but got us to the train station with time to spare, so that was good!!

Our train was delayed by five minutes, but we got going and we saw a rainbow!  It was difficult to get a photo of it on a moving train but you can just about see a bit of it above the trees on the right hand side!

Oh here we are!!  Crossing the Thames!

Andrea needed a wee first so we left a weathergram in the ladies loo!!!

And then went to get a C10 bus.

We had to wait a white, but it turned up, and I tied another weathergram to the rail!!

Where we going?

We got off here!!

It's an expedition at the Tate Britain!!!  Excellent!  I love those!!  AND we got a big ticket discount with my National Art Pass card!!
This was a lovely expedition with oil and watercolour paintings from 1840 onwards (Turner died in 1851) and some of them had steam trains on that Brunel did the railways for!  We've seen his museum too!

After shopping in the gift shop, Andrea said we were going somewhere else now.  I'll show you what we bought later.

There's that statue of Millais - he's an artist too.  We went round the corner and got another C10 bus.....

And tied a tag to the rail in that bus too!!

Then we got off at Pimlico station because we're getting the 360 bus some place else!  How exciting - I've never ridden the 360 bus before!

Over the road we spotted that steampunk statue thing.....

Yup, tied another tag for someone to find!!  Heehee!  I like doing this!

We went past some old brick buildings on the way....

And saw Sullivan's House on the way!!!!  I didn't know he lived in London, I thought he lived in Holland.....

Then we had a little ride along the river and saw Battersea Power Station over the other side!!

And then we got off here!!  It was really busy here with a big Traffic Jam and lots of Police cars....... (Ed's note: we heard later on the news that a tree got blown over in Knightsbridge because of Gonzalez)

We were both getting hungry now, so Andrea said I could choose where to have lunch because it was my birthday..... so I chose this pizza place!!  (Andrea paid!)

We got a fizzy drink....

And a Quattro Staggione pizza!  We were so hungry we ate the whole lot!!  It was Yumtastic!

Then we went up the road and round the corner to go see this museum here

It's the Victoria and Albert Museum!!!  Andrea said she was taking me to the gift shop and I could choose my present!!!  YAAAAYYYY!!!

We saw an interesting mosaic thing by the entrance!

Andrea had to take a wee first, so I hung up another weathergram!

Look at that chandalier!!!  It's all made of glass by somebody called Dale Chihuly.  He only has one eye and wears a eyepatch over the one that doesn't work, so I think he's a pirate.

Isn't that great!

After choosing my present, we had a little wander round the Chinese and Japanese expeditions - we really like the mosaic floor!

There was a posh clock in the main hall too.
That's a better picture......

Then we went to get the C1 bus...... just as it arrived, it started to rain a little.

Yup, left another tag on the bus!

We got off a couple of stops later - and I spotted this big statue!!  He's weird

HORRIDS!!!  We've come to Horrids!!!

And round the back of Horrids is my favourite-est cake shop, Laduree!!!
Andrea said I was going to choose my own birthday cake!!!!!

AND she bought it for me!!!  Yippeeeeee!!!

Then we got another C1 bus......

And went past some posh buildings.....

I tied a weathergram to this bus rail.....

And then we got off here!

We're getting the coach home!  I like riding the coach!

We took a pee first, and left a tag on the door.

When we got on the coach, it took a different route out of London.  We got caught up in another Traffic Jam, so Andrea got out the Jaffa Cakes!!!

I love these!!!!  Nomnomnom.....

Here we are going over the river again.....

It started to rain again too, rather heavily!

Oh that's pretty!!!

We left a tag here too!

Then we got off at Brighton Coach station, and walked up to the bus stop to come home!!

Here's our shopping - that's the Turner expedition book!  

And we got a bunch of postcards to send people too!

There's my ticket - we saved £9.50 on the entrance cost!!

And here's the V&A shopping!

We got a red Christmas tree decoration.....

And this one is my present - it's a big woodblock for printing!

That's the design that got carved!  I'm going to have fun with this!

And this is a special present for Bob T Bear's Mum, so I'm not going to show what it is in case she sees it!!!

And now for the Special Cake that I got!!!

It's a stripey cake called a Mill Foy cake (it's got too many letter when you spell it though, something like "Millesfeuille" but you say it Mill Foy!!)  Anyway, it's made out of layers of flakey pastry and gooey creamy stuff and it's REALLY YUMMY!!  Andrea went to get a plate and a fork for me to eat it with and by the time she came back, I'd already eaten it!!!!!!!  Hahahahahahaaaaa!  But she got to lick the box off, so she can't complain really.

Oh, and we got some Laduree Nougat too so Andrea can have some of that though.  We also got a birthday card and a package but I'll tell you about those later....


  1. Happy Birthday Beanie.
    Pizza and an adventure, you are a lucky mouse.

  2. Happy Bearthday Beanie! Glad you solved the puzzle! Sounds and looks like you had a great day! Hope you have a great year.