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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Another day in London!!

Today, we got up really early again!!! 

We got the bus into town and then walked up the road.....

We found a tardis tea pot!!!

Aha!  We're at Brighton station again!  Where we going this time?

The train was super busy so I couldn't take any pictures, but we ended up at St Pancras station in London!!!!  But I don't have my passport with me!!!

OH!  We're not taking Eurostar! We're going up here instead!

We're going to see the Gothic expedition at the British Library!!!

We did a spot of bookcrossing first and then we went in!

That was a really good expedition!!!  The gothic genre started back in 1774 with a book by Horace Walpole called "The Castle of Otranto" and then goes on to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Bram Stoker's Dracula, onto Charles Dickens' books (Bleak House being one), Wuthering Heights....... and talked about the Victorian fascination for fabrications, fraudulent publications and forgeried publications, Jack the Ripper linking in with the Jeckyll and Hyde story, and then coming onto modern day gothic stories of the Twilight series and Punk Rock and Goth music even!!!  Mind you, it occurred to me later that even Harry Potter's Hogwarts school of wizardry has a gothic sense but that wasn't mentioned in the expedition.  There were some William Blake pictures too that were good, and some Hammer Horror movie posters!
We spent loads of money in the gift shop and bought lots of books...... but not as many as we'd have liked to have bought!!

We said hello to my favourite sculpture here too!!

Then we went off to get a number 73 bus to somewhere....

We tied a tag on the bus too!

And got off here - outside Angel subway station!

Then we walked down here....

Past the Islington Design Centre....

And past Islington Green.... we left a tag on the railings!

Oh!!  It's a lobster!!!

Then we decided to go in here for lunch!!

We had a fizzy drink.....

And a whopping huge burger and chips!!!  YUMMERS!!

After that, we left another bookcrossing book by the little park...

And then walked off somewhere past some grafitti!!!!

OH!!  She's famous!!

We're going shopping in Cass!!!!  We came here with Bob T Bear once!

Speaking of bears......!!

After we did a ton of shopping, we left another tag on the railings outside!!

And then went back to the bus stop!  That's a good shop that is!

We got another 73 bus....

And tied another tag onto the rail!

And we're off back to the station!

There is it!  That's our stop!

I like that building!!!

And then we walked down here....

Here we go!

And then we got on the Brighton train to get home!  I left a weathergram on the seat in front!

This one's Blackfriars station, that goes over the river!!

And we went past the Shard too!

And here we are heading to Brighton!!

When we got home, there was a bus waiting for us!!

Nearly there....!

Now, here's our shopping!!  That's the first gothic book written....

We got this one as well!

 This looks good too!  It's got pictures in it as well!

 That's the ticket and exhibition leaflet

 We also got a book for Sullivan - he's read the Dutch translation but not the English one - and some postcards to send out too!

 And we got some funky papers from the art shop too, to make stuff with!

 And these too!

 And we got some new paints as well!!!

 And we got given a free tote bag too!!!  Prussian Green!!!

 Later on, we went out again!!!  But it's RAINING!!!  I don't like going out in the rain!

 Orsino's??  We're eating pizza for dinner??  Really?!!!

Pizzaa!!!!!  YUMMM  

Sir Woodstock came too!!  YAAAAYYYYY!


  1. That was quite the expedition Beanie! You sure are a lucky mouse... and pizza at the end as well!!

  2. Did you do that all in one day? Wow, burgers, chips, and pizza! Lucky Mouse.

    Did you make it to Paddington Station as well?

    1. Yup, I did ALL that in one day!!! Didn't go to Paddington Station though. :o(

  3. What a grand day! Jerry is still drooling over the burger and chips!