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Monday, 27 October 2014

An evening out with Sir Woodstock!

 Andrea took me into work today and when she'd finished work, we went into town.  We found a new drain cover too!!

 We walked through the Pavillion Gardens.....

 And met a squirrel!!!

 We went to the Pavillion gift shop and waited for a few minutes and then Diane came and met us!

 Then we all went over to the Pier to play the arcade games!!  Yippee!!

 I won a slinky toy!!  Huzzah!!  Then we went over to Sir Woodstock and helped him win a VW camper van!!

 That was fun.....!

 On the way back down the Pier, we looked at all the bright lights!  They're pretty!

 We watched the sun go down too, the Atlantic's that way!

 Then we went over to Harry Ramsden's for dinner.

Sir Woodstock had a glass of wine!

 Then we had an enormous plate of fish and chips!!!  It was yumtastic!

 That was a fun evening out!

 On the way back to the bus stop we saw that they were converting the old Royal York hotel into a Youth Hostel!  How exciting!!!

 Then when we got home, Andrea showed me something else she'd bought!

It's a box full of Beano comic postcards!!  They're brilliant!!!


  1. What a fun adventure. Fish and Chips + playing all those games. You are a lucky mouse.

  2. The squirrel was camera shy I suppose.

  3. Are there really hundred postcards inside????? Wow!

  4. Yes, there are!!! They're funny, too!!