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Saturday, 25 October 2014

A seafront walk!

 Today, Andrea took me out and said we were going somewhere!

 We met up with Diane (she looks after Sir Woodstock) and then got the bus.....

 And got off here at the Marina!!

 Then loads and loads of doggies started arriving!!!

 Most of them were really super dooper friendly but one or two were nervous of people

 That's because they were rescue doggies.

 Today was a big doggie walk starting (and ending) at the Marina and we came along to wave them off!!!

 We walked them to the other end of the Marina and then waved them all off (they had to go over a scarey bridge thing that you could see through the sides of and Andrea hates those!!!) Diane went though - we think she'll be exhausted when she's finished!!!

 We saw some posh boats in the Marina

 and some old interesting looking ones!!

 And we met a lovely cat too!!!

And then we got the bus home.....
We've had a busy week this week - I'm exhausted now!!

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