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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Tango got Mail!!!!

 I'm Tango and I've taken over Beanie's blog (he doesn't mind, he's an Onerary Bear you know!!) an I got a Letter All For Me!!!

 It's from my Best Mate Bob T Bear - he has his own stashunary that he rites on!!!

 He sent me a Pyrit Badge!!!!
You can tell it was made for me because it's Oringe!!!

I put it on strayte away!!!  Fanks Bob!!  Yor a Star!!!


  1. Hurrayyyy! grayte! It thare really fast!

  2. News from Bob T.! What a lucky bear! The button looks nifty!

  3. Cool!! You must have some Dutch stuffing in you somewhere... they love orange too!

  4. Arrrrgh Matey! Beary cool Pirate button Tango! You be a lucky bear, specially since it's yer favorite color!