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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

We went to London!!!

Today, Andrea said we were going out for the day.  Where are we going, then??

First of all, we got the bus into town and then walked up here.... the train station!!

We got a window seat and I left one of my tags on the table!!

And we're off!!!  I love this view....

when we got to London, we went past the Shard building....

That's really tall...!

That's Blackfriars Station where we got on the train last time but we stayed on the train an extra stop this time!

When we got off at the next stop, we went for a wee and left a tag on the door!

City Thameslink??  Never heard of that station.

Oh!!  We're near St Paul's Cathedral!!  We decided to walk there to do some bookcrossing!

And we went past a candy store!!

Wow!  I love that building!!

Oh now look at that!!  It's a park bench in the shape of a book!!!

There's a whole bunch of these near St Paul's and Andrea said we were going to leave some books on them!

Gosh..... what fun!

HAH!  There's one left behind!

Oh!  That's weird...!

We left another book there too!!  Heehee!!

And that book got left on another book bench!

After that, we got on a bus.... which one though??

We got a number 26 and tied a tag on the pole!

And we're off!!

OH!!!  PIGGY!!!

 We got off here and walked over to that little street......

 And there's the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square!!

 We saw a whole load of street performers - what on EARTH is he sitting on????!

 We've come to see an expedition about making colour!!!  This was really good, specially since Andrea's been making her own watercolour paint for ages!  It started with the colour Blue which used to be really expensive because it was only made from Lapis Lazuli which you can only get from Afghanistan and had to be camel-ridden into Istanbul and then boated to Venice but then in Berlin (which used to be in a country called Prussia) they invented a blue called Prussian Blue which then made it cheaper to paint with blue!  Then there was another room about Red which can be made from Cochineal beetles, another room about yellow which used to be made from realgar which has arsenic in it which kills you..... and another room for green and another one for purple.  It was super interesting!
After that, we spent some money in the gift shop and THEN.....

 It was time to go for lunch!  The Blue Cockerel is still on the 4th plinth and you can just see the Millenium wheel in the distance!!

 We went round the corner to Cafe Rouge because we know it's good in here!!

 We got a fizzy soda to start with....

And we had steak and chips for lunch!!  Yumsters!

 After lunch we did some more shopping in the Cass Art shop!!!
I like going in there!!

 Then we walked back to Trafalgar Square and left our last bookcrossing book on a statue!
 That's Nelson on top there!!

 Then we got on another bus......

 Of course we had to give them a tag!!

 That's Charing Cross station over there....

 And we got off here at Ludgate Circus.

 And then walked over the road to here to get the train home!

 Here we are crossing over the Thames!  The tide was out and we saw people mudlarking!!!  I wanna do that one day!  (There's that Shard building in the distance!)

 Wait!!  Hang on!!  Chocolate Factory!!!!!  Wait!

 ......nearly home!....

 And here we are at Brighton Station!!

 There was even a bus waiting for us too!!!

 There's the postcards we got!

 We got some London bus badges too!!!

 We got some more books too..... Indigo is a brilliant colour, you know!!

 And this one as well!

 And this is what we got from the art shop - watercolour markers!!

These are a new product and Andrea really wants to try them out!!!
What a fun day out!


  1. wow! what a beary cool trip. my favorite color is blue. what's yours? that is neat you are leaving books around - spreading beanie art everywhere you go.

  2. Brilliant trip Beanie! I have to say, my favourite colour is green... possibly because that was the colour of my first winter puffy coat. Did the exhibition mention the different ways that colour can be spelled?? Loved those book benches!!

    1. No, it didn't go into the spelling of the word "colour" just how colour (i.e. paint) is made and from what and how they're mixed and stuff.

  3. You are so generous to leave all of those books around, I bet people appreciate getting a free book. I am glad you got rewarded with that steak and chips. My roommate doesn't like steak but I do.