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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Movie review - "Claude Monet a Giverny/La Maison d'Alice"

Movie review number 27

This DVD is the other one I got at the Monet museum in Paris last May.  It's narrated in French but you can have English subtitles if you want (which I did!)  This documentary tells the story of Monet's move to Giverny with his second wife, Alice (they weren't married at the time) plus his two sons and her six children! It is narrated by means of Alice's letters which were written almost as a story, telling day to day events of work and gardening and holidays.  It tells of their finding of the house in Giverny and the development of the garden, lake and water lilies.  This movie makes a very interesting insight into the family life of Monet and his children from the 1880s up until 1914, just after Alice's death and introduces at the end of the DVD the waterlily tableau's that are now housed at the Orangerie in the Tuilleries in Paris.
It would make more sense to watch this one first, and follow it with the previously reviewed "Les Nympheas: le grand Reve de Monet" (the water lilies: Monet's greatest dream)

This is a lovely DVD, but if you're not so good with spoken French you need to pay attention to read the subtitles... being in white typeface, it's not always easy to read depending on the background!!

7.5 out of 10

Camembert and goat's cheese on toasted baguette!!


  1. Nice review! We have been to Monet's garden, and it was beary beautiful! We love the snack suggestion too, in fact, we make make that snack tonight with whatever movie we're watching.

    1. I haven't been to france....yet but I am hoping my roommates take me there (hint hint). I have heard amazing things about Monet's garden and I am intrigued to see this movie as well.

      The snacks sound beary good and I imagine perfect for a mouse.