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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Arcade games and fish!!!

 Andrea took me into work today because she said we were doing something fun afterwards!!

 Oh, now we've been here before!!!

 There's the Royal Pavilion!!   I love this building!!
We met up with Sir Woodstock outside the giftshop - because he's done so much walking today, he was having a ride in his Mummy's bag. Very sensible!!
 First of all we went over to Brighton Pier!!!

 Its fun here!!  Of course, we had to play the arcade games for a while!!!

 I won a red dolphin keychain!!!  Sir Woodstock was playing on another machine so we'll show you his prize later!

 Then we went over the road to Harry Ramsden's for dinner - it's good in there, you know!

 Me and Sir Woodstock sat down for a chat while the grown ups decided what they were going to eat.  That rubber duck is Sir Woodstock's prize and it has bear brown patches on!!

 excuse me a minute......sluuuuurrrp.... ah, that's better!

Standard Cod and Chips!!  Andrea couldn't finish all the chips so she let met dunk the rest in the beer.  Yummers!!!
What a fun evening!!


  1. That looks like soooo much fun. The beer looks good too.

  2. I've been to all those places too! You sure know how to show your visitors a good time, Beanie! Those fish and chips look scrumptious!

  3. You can't get much better than arcade games, beer, and fish & chips!!!!