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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Last of the Maxim's coffee.....

 When I was in Paris last May I got a pack of my favourite Maxim's of Paris coffee..... And finished it just before the weekend.  :o(  So, I'll be recycling the inner gold bag into a funky envelope at some point...!

 And then wondering what to do with the rather fabulous Maxim's tin!!

With info on the back.....!


  1. Use it as your coffee tin! We have one from Austria that we use as our coffee tin. Or perhaps it would be great to store pencils and art pens?

  2. I have another (older) Maxim's tin which I use for pens storage. Already have a coffee jar too....

  3. Hm, could you store rice or dried beans in it? Or fill it with chocolates or cookies and give it as a birthday or Christmas present? Ben makes and gives cookies each year at Christmas, and we recycle our tins that way (and thus make more room in our cupboards!).

  4. I say fill it with pence and pounds for your next big trip! Across the pond to the Americas to visit your pals over here!

  5. Hmm. Lots of good ideas there....!!!