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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Beanie and the Matisse Expedition!!

Today we got up really early, and walked up to the bus stop!

Then we got off in town and had a short walk past this grafitti....

and then up this road here.

We found a new man hole cover!!

And another cable box!!!

And ANOTHER man hole cover!!

And here we are at the train station!!!

We got on the ten past nine train to London and got a window seat!  I made sure we tied a weathergram to the seat in front!!!

It was super busy on the train so we didn't take any pictures until we got to the bus stop!

Then we got the 507 buss and tied another weathergram on it!!

Here we are going over the river.

That's the houses of conmen over there, they run the government.

And then we got off at Waterloo Station a few minutes later!!!

We then had a short walk past a yellow cow!

And found some pretty mosaics!!

We had to go this way...

Past Bob's Pub!!

We found some scarey faces too....

And here we are at the Tate Modern!!!

There's St Paul's Cathedral over there!!

Then we went into the Tate Modern to go see this expedition!!!

Andrea needed a pee first so we went to the loo and lost another weathergram!

We had some time to spare before our timed entry at 12 noon so we went and spent some money in the gift shop and then went in here.  It was super mad busy with loads of people in it but we really enjoyed it!!  Matisse even designed a stained glass window in a town in the south of France!!

After that, we were super hungry so we went downstairs to the cafe for lunch.  We had a bottle of Curiosity Cola....

And a Sausage Sandwich with Big Fries!!!  This was YUMTASTIC!!!

After that, we had a little walk along the Thames

There's some weird buildings along there you know.....

There's Blackfriars Bridge....

And Blackfriars Station, and we got a train back to Brighton from here!!!

We got another window seat too, and lost another weathergram!

I like clouds....

We saw a wooden horse on the way back too!!!

And there was a bus waiting for us when we got to Brighton!!!

This is the expedition booklet.....

 That's the pack of postcards we got....

 That's the playing cards....

And there's the super interesting book we got!!


  1. The sausage sandwich, big fries and curiosity cola look beary good. Glad you had a ncie expedition to London.

  2. Wonderful write-up and photos of your day! Will be sending Andrea an email about it.

  3. Excellent expedition! Mind you... that looked like a fake cola to me... or is it one of the local brews?

    1. Fentiman's Curiosity Cola? Apparently it's been around for ages but I've only ever seen it at the Tate Modern! Google it for info...!!