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Thursday, 26 June 2014

We got a box from Ajdin!!!

 When we got home today, there was a box outside our front door!!

 It's from Ajdin!!!

 It's a Beanie Box!!  I love those!!!



 Mouse sized sweeties!!  Yummo!

 What's in here???

 It's a wind up mouse!!!!!!!!  I love it!!!

 Something to remind me of Paris???

 It's Blackpool Tower!!!!!!!!!  We saw that in Paris last month!!!

 And paper bits to play with!!

Including coin rolls and postcards!!!  Oh what fun!!  I love getting Beanie Boxes!
Thanks Ajdin!


  1. Beanie-Box... I like it!!! What a lovely surprise and so many cool, creative things too!

  2. What a lucky mouse!

    (Ben and Jerry are saving more bits and pieces for you for your projects.)