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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Birthday package from Bob and Dilly!!!!

 We got a really big package in the mail today!!!

 It had Wols on it!!!

 OH WOW!!!!  Look at all THIS!!

 We got a wagon card.....

 ....from Dilly!!

 Helena made this one!!!

 And she made us a mouse book!!!  I love it!!!

 And then we got a Moleskin Japanese Album!!

 And THEN.....

 This is just like a pass-the-parcel package!!!

Oh wow!!  A book about using maps as art!!! How fun!!
Thank you so much, Bob Dilly and Arntie Helena!!!


  1. You did well!
    Love the owl tape and it all.

  2. Must get more of that wol tape for you, Blue!!!

    I am so glad it got there safely and that you love it all!!!! The black holey stuff that I wrapped the book in came with tissue and wrapped round a bunch of flowers. It was far too interesting to throw away. I thought, who shall I give this to??? ANDREA!! :)

  3. Yup!! We love playing pass the parsol in this house!! Mice always get overexcited about wrapping paper and box stuffing!!!!!

  4. What neat surprises! That mouse book looks beary nice!