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Friday, 30 May 2014

Mail from Jerry and Ben!!

 We got a package today!!!

 It's from Jerry and Ben!!!

 It had a colourful card in it.....

 With some Bear Hot Chocolate drink!  Yum!

 And a Mouse in Paris book!!  Brilliant!!

 Oh!  What's this??

Stickers!!  I love them!!!  Thanks Jerry and Ben!


  1. Mail is such great fun - especially when you get home after a trip!

  2. We're glad you enjoyed the little surprises. The mouse book we thought was just perfect! The hot chocolate is our favorite, because it has little bits of peppermint candy in it.

  3. Hello Beanie,

    Just posted a post with some pictures for your drain cover collection:-)! Hope you like them!

  4. Hello Beanie,

    Thanks for the post card from Paris. Did you get to sample any cheese in Paris?