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Monday, 26 May 2014

Beanie's Big Holiday, day 9

Monday morning, our last full day in Paris!!

Brioche and jam for breakfast, yummo!!

And then out down the road!

We got on the Metro at Brochant again....

And we got off at Rudy Ravioli!! That's a big street in Paris named after a famous Italian Opera singer!

We got off at the Tuileries!

 This is the Tuileries gardens looking towards the Louvre......

And that's the Tuileries looking towards Cleopatra's Needle and the Arc de Triomphe, Paris, and we're going to meet Andrea's parents for tea and cake!!

We had time for a little wander round though, and looked at some sculptures

There's Blackpool Tower again!

And Cleopatra's Needle.

The lamp posts are really posh here, too

And the road is REALLY wide!

We went up Rue Royale past Maxims which is super posh.  They don't let mice in apparently, so poo on them!

OH!!  Hang on.....!

It's a Laduree coffee shop!!!

A bit later, Andrea's Mum and Dad arrived and we went in for coffee and Panno Shoko Lah!
Afterwards, Mum decided to buy some macaroons for her friend Jill so we went into the shop next door and Andrea helped because Mum's a bit deaf.  Well, she's a lot deaf really.....!

And then we parted company and we went off for another walk.

From Cleopatra's Needle, we decided to walk through the Tuileries to the Louvre.

You can see the entrance through there!

Then we crossed the river......

There's those padlocks again!

Gosh this is pretty

Then we got on the subway at Pont Neuf!

And we got off at Art et Metiers subway station and it's just like the submarine out of 20,000 Leagues Under the sea!!!

It's made out of copper and has giant cogwheels in the roof!!!

And port holes too!

We saw a funny poster there too!

Gosh what a mad station!

Then we came back to Brochant.....

we saw this building on the way back to the apartment.

Then we finished off some food for lunch.

After lunch, we had to do our packing because we're going home tomorrow.
We're kind of sad because we've had such a brilliant time but then we want to sleep in our bed as well.

after we sorted out the bags, we went out for a last stroll around the neighbourhood, starting at Avenue de Clichy!

And did some window shopping too!

And then wandered home.  What a lovely trip!

We finished off the steak and fritters for dinner....

And the cbocolate birthday cake!!

And then it was time for bed!


  1. We're so jealous that you're in Paris! You might have a little surprise waiting for you when you get home...

    1. Surprise?! Really?! Oh how exciting!!!!!

  2. Be sure to wish Andrea a Happy Birthday from me too!

  3. What a great vacation you've had Beanie! Enjoyed every day with you as brought back fond memories of my times in Paris.

  4. That subway station looks super cool! You sure had a great day wandering around Paris.