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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Beanie's Big Holiday, Day 7

 On Saturday, we had more of our real coffee at breakfast.....

 And Brioche with jam!!

 We decided to do a final food shop because Andrea thought the shops might not be open on Sunday or Monday.  First we went round the corner to the Franprix market which is a bit like Walmart for food or an English Tesco's or Co-op.

 Then we went to the Marche des Batignolles which has fresh meat, fish, cheese and veggies!  It's brilliant in here and we got giant crevettes (mini lobsters!) and fresh goats cheese and half a strong camembert.

 Then we went over the road to the Boucherie here and got some more steak.  We got steak from here before and it was seriously yum so we got some more!

 On the way back to the apartment we stopped here..... this does bread baking too, and we got a small baguette (French stick) and some Panno Shoko Lah for breakfast!!
We took everything back to the apartment and put it in the fridge and then had the rest of the weekend to chill out and do whatever we wanted!

 We decided to do a reccie trip for a picnic the next day and started at the square des batignolles.

 The ducks were having a snooze!

 On the way down to the Booly Vard, we spotted a small market in the street!  They had meat, bread, candy and wine!

 And then when we arrived on Booly Vard des Batignolles, there was a HUGE market that started at Place de Clichy and went most of the way to Park Monceau!!!  It's brilliant here!!!

They had an amazing fish stall too!!!

Wow, that's a Saturday morning food market from Disney wonderland, that is!!!

 We also spotted one of these things too but we didn't have a go...

 There was even an antique and fine art market!

 And then we arrived at Park Monceau so we decided to have a wander round here as well.

Gosh it's pretty here!

 They've even got a lake here too!

 Then we walked back up the Booly Vard towards Place de Clichy

 We stopped for lunch in Terrasse 17 in Rue des Batignolles and had pasta bolognaise - that was seriously Yumtastic!!

 On the way home, we spotted my cousin in a shop window!

Back in the park again....

 And noticed they had Koi carp in it!!!!!

And baby ducks!!!

When we got home, Andrea said she got some posh mustard to go with the steak!  Yum!

Those are the crevettes we got at the Marche des batignolles!!

 And some seriously posh Marsailles soap!

 My Favourites!!!!!

For dinner we had pan fried salmon fillet, fritters and crevettes!

 We did a bit more of our travel journel...

Later on, we had a rainbow!!!!  Wow!

We worked out that we'd walked over 3.5 miles today.  Whew, we're pooped!


  1. Exciting times Beanie. Picnic time reccy tomorrow. X

  2. I loved your little shopping trip - and those monster shrimp look beary delicious!