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Friday, 23 May 2014

Beanie's Big Holiday, Day 6

Today, we had more real coffee for breakfast!!

With Brioche and jam!!  That's a really nice breakfast you know!
Then off to the Metro into town!

We got off here, at La Muette!

And then followed the signpost for the Marmottan Monet museum!!

We walked through some very pretty parks and gardens.

And then we arrived!!!

Musee Marmottan Monet. There was a long queue outside and it took about an hour to get in but we're both glad we did.  There was a lovely "En Prive Impressionist" exhibition on which was super busy, but then downstairs in the basement there was a big exhibition with all of Monet's water lily paintings!  That was fab!
After that, we spent some money in the gift shop.

And then wandered off back to the Metro stop.....

Past this very fabulous (and rather expensive!!) seafood restaurant!

And we're off.....!

Before we came out the other end we saw a group of buskers singing songs!  That was fun!

We got off at Chatelet!

And walked down to the Palais de Justice on the river.

With a very fancy clock!

We stopped for lunch and had an Ocean salad, which had lots of green stuff and prawns and potatoes and two big bits of smoked salmon on top!  It was yummy!  Oh, and we had fries too!

We saw the Notre Dame too!

And another drain cover!

 We saw some more grafitti

And book stalls!

That fence is covered in padlocks!

LADUREE!  We're going to buy cakes!!

Then we saw more grafitti near the bus stop!

We got off near Place de Clichy and saw this big silver apple!

When we got home, we unloaded our shopping of a new book...

Two DVDs about Monet

And a CD of gypsy music!

We had another two cheese omlette for dinner!  These are yummy!!

I'm pooped out....!


  1. Did you take the picture before joining that line? Or had you already swooned at the lilies?

  2. Wow - you had quite the day - no wonder you are pooped out! There was some good food in your day by the looks of it... and Monet paintings too. I hope you gave Andrea a big hug for carrying you on such a grand adventure!