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Monday, 19 May 2014

Beanie's Big Holiday, Day 2

On Monday 19th May, we got up and had breakfast downstairs!  Coffee, cereal, yoghurt and fruit!  Yum!

After that, we went up and packed our stuff up and checked out of the hostel!

We're going on Eurostar again?!  Fab!!

We went through customs and passport check, and then had to wait for our train!

 And we're OFF!!!  Yippee!

Now we're in France!!! YAY!

Oh!!  We've arrived!!!

In Paris!!! YAAAYYY!!!

First we had to get the Metro to Clignancourt to collect the keys of an apartment we've rented!  Oh!  We're not staying in a hotel?  Oh!
We stopped for coffee for a while and about half an hour later, Elizabeth arrived and explained how to get into the apartment!  How fun!

 Then it was on the Metro again to Brochant and then a five minute walk to the address.  We saw these tiles on the way, they're pretty!

 We arrived at the building and put in the entry code and then had to walk up four flights of rickety uneven stairs to out apartment.... and this is the view!  Gosh...!

Then we went off and did some basic shopping to tide us over until after breakfast tomorrow.  We got erfs (that's French for eggs!), three frommages (that's cheese! We got Beaufort, Emmenthal and cheddar) and those boxes in the background are dental crepes which we had for pudding.
(Ed's note: Gavottes Crepe dentelle, chocolat au lait)

Then we got a Brioche loaf, croissants and Ber (that's French for butter!)

Then we also got Joo dorange (orange juice!) and Lay (milk!)

Our first dinner in the self catering apartment is two cheese omelette!! Yummm!!

We had a cuppa tea afterwards and started in the art journal that we brought.

Then we were so knackered, we went to bed!!!!!


  1. Delicious, I bet! And are those chocolates I see in the background?

  2. You went to Paris! Ben is beary jealous! Don't forget to try a pain au chocolat (it's Ben's favorite pastry...well, one of them.)

  3. Paris!! You are so lucky! Keep an eye out for the legendery 3 Musketeers!

  4. I love travelling on Eurostar, certainly beats flying as your in the heart of Paris from the start of your hols.

  5. "knackered"... Beanie, I do not know what this word means.. could you please explain? :) I wish I can visit Paris one day! Thank you for the postcard by the way - I have not had the chance to post it yet

    1. Knackered is English slang for "we walked so far our paws are worn out and we're really tired"!!!