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Saturday, 19 April 2014

We went to Worthing!!!

 Yesterday, Andrea said we were going out.  All the way to the bus stop across the road from our house!!  That's not far.....

 A few minutes later, the number 700 Coastliner bus came along and we got on!!  We've never ridden this bus before!!

 We went past Portslade Harbour and that's Southwick where the chimney is!!

 We're going past Shoreham Harbour now!!!

 They have an Indian Take away here too!!!
Don't know if I want to eat any though.....

 Here we are at Worthing!!!  They had this on Brighton seafront once!!!

 There's Worthing Pier....

 And there's the Lido!!  We're going to play games here with our friend Emma  and Bex!!  They've never played at the Lido before - they brought Winston Dog with them too and he was really happy!  He even licked my face too, I like Winston Dog!!

 We won lots of prizes here, it was brilliant!!

 then we went somewhere for coffee.  Emma bought me a Yellow Cupcake with a spotty chocolate on the top!!!  I really like Emma!!

 Then we had a wander round to Mr Simms Olde Sweetie Shoppe and Andrea bought me some chocolate.  She's nice too.

 Then it was time to come home, so Emma and Bex walked me to the bus stop outside the Dome Tea room.

 And we got another 700 bus going back to Brighton.  It was mega busy though, and ended up being standing room only!!  We got seats though, Andrea's good that way!!

 And we got off right outside our house!!  Isn't that fab!!!

We got all these prizes!  London bus keyring, Postbox keyring, a trolley token keyring, a bug and a historical London Eye fridge magnet.  What's historical about the London Eye though???  I thought you had to be really old to be historical like Andrea's Mum and Dad??


  1. That trip looks like fun, did you get any pictures of Winston? Can you send a cupcake like the one you had through the mail????

  2. We didn't get a photo of Winston :o( But I can send you a cupcake though!!!

  3. We seem to be focusing only on that cupcake photo, yum!

  4. Cupcakes are good. They're very good, specially the yellow ones with spotty chocolate on top

  5. Hello Beanie, nice trip!!! That cupcake sure looks yummie!

  6. Cupcake? You can send cupcakes in the mail?? That looks like a fab trip!

  7. Beanie, Ben wants to know if your mum has a microwave oven; he can't say why he'd like to know, it's a tiny secret.

    1. No we don't have a Micro Wave Oven at home... ours is a gas powered oven with hobs on top.
      Wonder what the secret is...

    2. We were going to send you a special package of microwave popcorn that is made by one of our area Native American tribes, the Lakota. It is the best popcorn we've ever had, and we thought it might be especially unusual for you way over in the UK. Maybe we'll send you some more special Oreos instead...

    3. Oh!! That sound wonderful!! But Oreo cookies are good too!! And M&M&M&M&M's as well!

    4. Which M&Ms?
      milk chocolate
      dark chocolate

      ...we have a lot of them here

    5. Oh, and the new SUPER size of M&Ms:,0,1218439.story#axzz2zwhKGuMs

    6. We only get the milk chocolate and the peanut M&M&M&M&Ms here..... how come you get so many more??!?!

  8. Fantastic - I work for Stagecoach and am so happy you enjoyed the trip!

    1. First time I've ever used Stagecoach and it's a rather spiffy service!!!

  9. Beanie, that cupcake looks so beary delicious! All the prizes you won look so fun. I would like to visit sometime!