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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Beanie Went To Worthing!!!

 Yesterday, Andrea said we were going out!!!  First we walked up the road.

 And then got on a bus

 And then arrived at the train station!!!  Oh wow, a proper day out!!!

 The train's coming in a few minutes, excellent!!

 We got a window seat and I left a postcard on the table in front!!

 There's the South Downs in the distance......

Then, we got off at Worthing train station!!  My friend Winnie the Dog lives here, are we going to see him??
No?  Oh..... where are we going then....?

 We walked past this chuch....

 And past the park......

Mr Simms Olde Sweetie Shoppe!!!!!

 It's brilliant in here.... a bit like the Tardis, small on the outside but absolutely HUGE on the inside!!  It's got squeaky floorboards and rows and rows and ROWS of loads of different chocolates, sweets and old fashioned candy that Andrea says even her parents used to have when they were my age!!!

 After we did some shopping (an American friend had asked Andrea to buy some stuff because they couldn't order it on the website any more) we went down to the beach.

 Oh wow!!  They've got more beach than we do in Brighton!!!

 And the tides' out as well and there's LOADS of sandy bits!!!

 AND they've got a Pier!!!

 We walked along a bit more...... Worthing has really nice beaches!  Great for making sandcastles!!

 Then we found The Lido!!  What's a Lie-doh??  Is it like Play-doh??

 OH!!  They have arcade games like on Brighton Pier!!  Can we go play??  Please please PLEASE!!!?!

 WE WON, WE WON, WE WON!!!  We won the Skull first, then the birdie on a keychain AND a piggie!!  How exciting!!!
 I love Worthing Lie-Doh!!

After that, we had another walk along the seafront!
What a fun day out this is turning into!!

 We saw a piggie seat!!!

 And there's another interesting shop too!!!

 And a fancy window....!

 And a fun little postbox on a wooden pole!!  How fun!!

We saw an intersting house number tile too.... that's pretty!

 We saw some funny shop signs too but Andrea left the camera on the wrong setting.  Your really can't get the staff these days......

 And then we were back at Worthing train station ready to come home....!

 And we walked home....

We found another skull on a sticker on the way too!!!

We did loads of walking today and Andrea's legs were worn out!!!  This is our stash of goodies that we brought home...... elastic hair ties, parking tickets and train tickets!!
What fun!!!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Mail from Jerry and Ben!


Chocolate?? We have chocolate?!

mail from Bob and dilly (I think)

 We got a card from Bob T Bear!!!!

 Oh wow, its fab!!!!

 And there was another one just for George!

Its a card !

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Hove seafront after the storm

 Today was sunny so we went to investigate the seafront. The first thing we noticed was that part of the iron railings had been destroyed in last weeks' storm! And they're big chunky railings too!

 We watched the sea for a while too.....

 Somebody collected some beach findings! We also noticed a lot of bashed up starfish in the beach too, with missing arms.