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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Year Of The Hamster 2014

Personality of The Hamster
Hamsters are lovely little people that usually live in Deserts like the Gobi Desert in Russia or the Sahara in Africa.  They're very good at speaking different languages and burrowing.  They also like travelling around and seeing things and making friends and growing vegetables.  (and eating them!!!) They like warm colours like red.  Apparently, there are 25 different species of Hamsters, and they're cousins of mice.

Famous Hamsters.

The Patron Saint of the Hamster is St  St Anthony of Padua.  He's the patron saint of lost things,  little animals and travellers!!! His information is here -

 I have also created a special Hamster Treasury on etsy HERE

If I've missed anything out, let me know!!!

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