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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Walk along the seafront.

 Last Sunday, me and Andrea had a walk along the seafront as the sun had finally come out!!!  We discovered that after all the high wind and storms over Christmas and New Year, all the pebbles had washed up off the beach!!!

 Now look at THAT!!

 For the first time ever, Brighton has sandy beaches!  I never knew!!!

 The tide was coming in so we stayed and watched for a bit.

 I love watching waves!!

 But now we have a pebbley promenade to walk down!!!

 That'll make your legs hurt...!!

...wonder where they came from....


  1. Really?! There's sandy beaches in Brighton?? How lovely!! Those pebbles would make beautiful landscaping rocks... too bad we couldn't come there with a truck and load some up! Somebody's going to have fun moving all those pebbles back to the beach!

  2. Great pictures....I love the beach. Did you bring some cheese along as a snack?

  3. We were in Brighton a beary LONG time ago, and we don't remember any sandy beaches! Beautiful! Walks along the beach are so much fun. Did you find any interesting shells?

  4. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing

  5. what a beary nice beach! I would love to go to a warm and sunny beach right now but I am stuck in this winter weather

  6. Well normally we don't have sandy beaches in Brighton, they're all full of pebbles!! And it's not warm here either, today it's wet and cold!!!!

    1. By the way, Beanie, i really like your passport picture. Did you make that yourself? It is beary creative!

    2. Yes, Andrea made the passport and I designed the coat of paws! The Latin proverb is Fondue enim omnis which means "fondue for all"!

  7. I'd love to go to the beach, but that will take a long time I think....