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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Flood water...!!

 A couple of weeks ago, we had so much rain that on the corner nearest me, there was rather a large puddle....!!

 It extended from the main road (to the left of the picture, main rat run for the emergency services) a couple of hundred yard up inland....

 from the middle of the pavement/sidewalk, to the centre white lines in the road.

And several inches deep!!
A week ago Friday, the main rat run road the emergency services use also got flooded and had to be closed to the public!!!


  1. That is a lot of water Beanie! When that happens here in the winter, the water freezes!

  2. Its been raining quite a bit where I live as well. Although, we haven't seen any flooding like you have and water doesn't freeze much unlike where Jerry and Ben live. Be sure to stay dry, perhaps your owner could get you some rubber boots and a rain slicker to keep dry.

  3. Oh we had some rain a few days ago as well... so far no flooding... You be careful, a couple of inches more and it would be over your head!