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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Travelling art book update

 We found out this week that the travelling art journal seems to have gone missing somewhere between UK and USA, so we're starting again with a new one - this yellow covered one!!  We've sent it straight over to Dawn in America (who's going to send it on to Alexander in Canada) and we're using the same ID number to track it.

 Inside front cover with library check-out card.

 Same rules apply - nothing edible, wooden, plant life, bugs, etc, to comply with Australian import regulations, otherwise anything goes.  Use any page or pages, anywhere in the book and draw/paint what you want.

there's stuff in the back pocket - help yourself to anything in it to use on your page(s) and you can leave more stuff in it for someone else to use.
Main Rule - Have Fun!!!


  1. Ah... was wondering where that ended up! Great news that you're starting a new one!

  2. So looking forward to my turn and getting a view of what others have done!