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Monday, 30 December 2013

Review of the year - 2013

Well this year has been busy....... let's have a look at what happened....!

January - this was a quiet month but we did have snow!!
That post is here January Snow

February, we had an expedition to London to see some paintings!!
This post is here Picasso Expedition

March was exciting - we went on Holiday to Lille in France!!  AND we nearly got stranded in a Big Storm!
Day one is Here
Day two is Here
Day three is Here
Day four is Here

April was sad.  There was a Big Bomb in Boston during the Marathon running.  We have friends in Boston but luckily they were all OK.

In May we had another expedition to London and this time, we met up with Bob and Dilly!!!
This day out is The Pompeii Expedition

On another day we went shopping!
This post is Here

In June, we learnt lots of cooking including Borscht soup!!
This post is this one, Cooking Borscht

 In July, we had TWO expeditions to London!!  The first one was to the Royal Academy....

And the second one was at the Tate Britain!

August was a quiet month again.... but we did a lot of doodling in my sketchbook!
That's here, Doodle Book

In September, we saw some funny things on the seafront one day -
That's HERE

And on another day, we came to the Pavillion!
That's HERE

October was really exciting!  We had Sullivan come and visit!!!
Day one is HERE
Day two is HERE
After the book convention, we met again HERE
and the last day is HERE

November, we had another day in London!!  We were hoping to meet up with Bob and Dilly again but they couldn't make it so we did a bit of shopping for them instead!

In December we had another day in London with our friend Emma!! 
We saw lots of Christmas decorations HERE
Gosh, we did a lot this year.....!  Most importantly, Andrea still has a job, we still have somewhere to live and food to eat, and lots of friends to cheer us up!!!
Happy New Year everyone!!


  1. Your such a lucky mouse, I can't beleive how many places you have seen. Happy New Year!

  2. Oh, I'm glad you reminded me of this Beanie, I'll have to review my year too! It looks like you had a great year full of lots of art and adventure!

  3. So Nice that you Could Visit with Bob T Bear and with Sullivan! We Wish that we Lived Much, Much, Nearer to you and your Mum, Beanie! Happy New Year! :-)

  4. you are so well-traveled, Beanie! Keep it up in 2014! I look forward to reading more :)

  5. My visit to Brighton and meeting you were highlights of 2013! It was great to meet you again.

  6. Wonderful year in review! Don't forget all the great movie (and snack) suggestions!

  7. Nice year! Hope next year will be a good one too with lots of art and travells! Happy 2014 Beanie!